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Pregnancy Massage Gold Coast

GC Remedial Massage is experienced in prenatal & postnatal massage. Book Pregnancy massage Gold Coast to alleviate ailments & discomfort. During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes numerous structural and physiological transformations.

What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

  • Alleviation of stress and enhancement of relaxation.
  • Reduction in neck, back, and joint pain.
  • Relief from muscle spasms, cramps, and fibrosis.
  • Diminished tension, fatigue, and headaches.

Benefits of pregnancy massage Gold Coast - GC Remedial Massage Southport

What to expect from your pregnancy massage?

Typically lasting for 50 minutes (with other durations available upon request), our prenatal massage ensures your utmost comfort, with only the targeted area exposed while the rest of your body remains covered. Positioned on your side and supported by full-length pregnancy pillows, you will transition to the other side midway through the session. While back positioning is feasible in the early months, it is advisable to limit such positions during later stages.

To optimize your experience, we recommend avoiding large meals and excessive water intake before the massage, although restroom facilities are conveniently located nearby.

It is essential to note that, due to the heightened risk of miscarriage in the first trimester, massage treatments are exclusively offered during the second and third trimesters.

Pregnancy Massage Gold Coast Booking Requirements

Prior to booking a massage, please carefully review the following conditions to ensure your safety. If you have any of the mentioned conditions or other known complications, written consent from your supervising Doctor or Obstetrician is required:

  • Threatened miscarriage
  • Early labor
  • Placental dysfunctions
  • GEPH (Pre-eclampsia)
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Eclampsia (Toxemia)
  • Heart disease (third trimester)
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Skin irritation and/or discharge
  • Severe varicose veins
  • Kidney and bladder diseases
  • Any infectious disease
  • Cancer or undiagnosed lumps
  • Pre-pregnancy diabetes mellitus
  • Cardiac, pulmonary, or liver disorders
  • Chronic hypertension
  • Previous problem pregnancy
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Mother’s age under 18 or over 35
  • Asthmatic mother
  • Risk of fetal genetic disorders
  • Convulsive disorders
  • Abnormal fetal movement or heartbeat
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • RH-negative factor or maternal genetic problems, including DES exposure and other uterine abnormalities

Your well-being is our top priority, and obtaining proper medical clearance ensures a safe and enjoyable massage experience during your pregnancy.

Personalized Pregnancy Massage Southport Treatments

Experience the difference of a customized touch at GC Remedial Massage, where we prioritize a personalized approach for your unique journey through pregnancy.

Our skilled pregnancy massage therapists on the Gold Coast are dedicated to understanding your specific needs, ensuring that each massage session is carefully tailored to offer the utmost comfort and benefit for your condition.

We invite you to discover the nurturing and supportive environment at GC Remedial Massage, where your well-being during pregnancy is our top priority. Join us for a pregnancy massage experience that is as unique and special as your journey.

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Discover the pat to wellness and rejuvenation at GC Remedial Massage in Southport—book your session now and experience the healing power of expert massage therapy tailored just for you.

Before Your Appointment:

For new clients, please arrive at the clinic 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out a health history form.

We require a 24-hour notice for any changes or cancellations of your appointment.

To respect the time of all our clients, treatments will conclude as scheduled, regardless of your arrival time.

We recommend arriving 5 minutes early to ensure you receive your full treatment time and avoid any reduction in service duration.

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